A journal of amazing vintage finds and all the adventures along the way

Monday, February 28, 2011

Dreams Do Come True

I have been obsessed with Susie Sad Eyes for a long time, but her prices at auction have been a bit steep for me. I have been watching Ebay incessantly and spotted a beautiful SSE doll... so I placed some bids and lost. Too rich for my blood.

Today I walked into a local antique shop and spotted this little beauty in a glass case

She is in great condition. I almost did not believe my eyes when I spotted her. Needless to say I took her home. I did have my eyes on a custom reroot Susie, but I am super happy with my find. She may be up for sale eventually after I am over my shock.

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Goods & Finds

Upstate New York can be a magical place. Plentiful forests with breathtaking scenery, locally produced wines, and tons of vintage filled auctions. After visiting one of these locally I loaded up with kitschy awesomeness. Here are a couple sneak peeks of items found that will be added to the shop this week.

<3 Agent 137

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Fever

Ok, so spring may not be here officially, but today it was beautiful in upstate New York. The sun was shinning (which is a rare occurrence here) and the temperature was a balmy 60 degrees. All of the snow in our neighborhood melted.

Anyway, in the spirit of spring and the eventual return of the sun I wanted to list some spring themed goods. So here is a sneak peek of one of the awesome items I will be listing on Monday. I hope that this will tide everyone over as I am off to NYC this weekend for some happy toy hunting.

<3 Agent 137

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Flea Market Finds

A little sneak peek at the hunting this weekend. This is just a preview of the great stuff we scored. Check out the pink elephant and candy ice cream train planter. So sweet! I think that I will be keeping the atomic blue tray from 1954 that all the goodies are resting on for the kitchen, but the others will be listed throughout the week.

Oh, and here is a little taste of the work thus far in the vintage kitchen. The search is on for the perfect retro shelving to display all of my little kitschy toys and dolls, but until then I will leave you with just a peek of some of the kitchen accessories.

The Hansel & Gretel House

Explaining the many uses for fresh lemons

I will be sharing more pics as the work continues. There is so much work yet to be done! Enjoy!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Incredible Stash!

Ok, I am super excited about this! I scored some amazing finds...I mean really amazing, and they will be coming to the shop bright and early tomorrow. Well, maybe not too early depending on how late I am up in blog world, but they will be listed tomorrow. I will leave you this pic as a taste....

Oh, and did I mention that the blog will soon be featuring sneak peeks of my vintage kitchen makeover? See you in the morning :)