A journal of amazing vintage finds and all the adventures along the way

Monday, February 20, 2012

Flea Market Finds

This weekend I visited our local flea market looking for kitschy toys, and other vintage goodness. I have really been searching for a vintage desk to complete my office/toy room. Packing toys on the dining room table just isn't going to work anymore! I have boxes, tags, and tissue paper everywhere.

So after searching high and low for the perfect mid century desk with no success I ran into one of the strangest toys I have ever seen. I know that this guy was created in 1988 by Mattel, but that is all the info I have. Does anyone know his name? I can imagine that an anthropomorphic chicken leg must have an interesting history.

I have no idea why this picture is horizontal. I have tried to rotate it several times with no luck. My usual camera is being repaired. Apologies....

I also have a little preview for this week. This sweet pose doll will be listed this week along with other goodies including a trio of kitschy mod mid century cats. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hello Out There!

Hello! I am still here!

My grandmother, who I am very close to, had a stroke at the beginning of January and I have been taking care of her so I have been pretty absent from blogging and the shop, but things are getting better with time and I am now back :) I have been so excited to get back to posting and sharing my vintage finds!

So I have a little preview for next week: