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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dolly Dreams Winner....

So in true Agent 137 style I announced a contest for the brand spanking new opening of the Retro Kitten vintage boutique and Etsy shop and then I became so busy with shop happenings that I forgot to announce the winner of the contest. so without further ado..... let me share with you the winner....

The fabulous Colleen from SpaceAgeSquirrel has won the dollies mentioned previously on the Agent 137 blog and an extra secret special prize all for her lovely eyes!!! So congrats to Colleen. Thank you to all who entered! And here is Colleen's story of her fave find:

"I would say my favorite find lately is this great googly-eyed "brat" dolly! [see picture] 
I went to go to a church sale to find it closed but was lucky to find a yard sale going on down the street! It was being ran by a sweet old lady, sitting next to a giant see-through jar of cheese balls. It pretty much was the best sale ever but the coolest part was when my boyfriend Andy called my name and showed me this dolly! He knew Id love it :) "

Ironically enough the Agent137 shop has just listed another little guy like Colleen's this week

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  1. Thank you so so so much! I'm super psyched out! :D
    ...and I am especially excited to find out what the super secret special prize is too!!!

    and I must say, cute new store! <3