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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Measuring Time in Vintage

I love vintage clocks. The kitschier the better! So I decided to write a little tribute for my favorite clock picks from Etsy. Enjoy!
1968 Home Interior Catalog

Spinning Wheel TV Clock

Atomic Starburst

60s atomic Burst

Cheery Lemon Clock

Cuckoo wall Pocket

House Clock

Flower Power Clock

Timmy time

Smiley Clock


  1. Dang there is some amazing vintage clock variety here. The colors, the eras, the form. (Sad thing is I love 'em all!)

  2. I wish that I could just have a room full of vintage clocks...The ticking might be a little maddening though!

  3. I too have a fondness for rather kitsch clocks,
    love the ones you have posted!