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Friday, March 18, 2011


The sun is shining! Actually shining! I woke up this morning and could not believe it, but it looks as if spring is actually here. So in celebration of such an awesome day I thought that I would post a preview of some items coming to the shop next week. I am so excited to list the items coming up next week, some of my favorites ever will be listed so be sure to check back :)

Without further ado...

A super amazing Wolf doll. He doesn't look so scary...

The ultimate squeaky kitty. She is a big girl with sleepy eyes!

These two cuties will be up next week along with a lot more awesomely amazing goodies. And be sure to check in this Sunday when I announce the winner of the first Agent 137 blog contest!

<3 Agent 137


  1. I have a darling girl with bunny ears just like that wolf. I don't know who's cuter! ^_^

  2. Very nice! I haven't blogged in ages. Hoping to get back into it soon! Love your stuff! Love your shop~ xo Renee

  3. That wolf dude is so awsome!